Other Topics

Occassionally at this site, we have theme months such as these:


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– July 2013 dedicated to Ganbare Goemon and Goemon Ishikawa



– November 2013 dedicated to the representation of Masamune Date of feudal Japan.

In addition, below is a collection of miscellaneous articles that may not be a full series on their own.

The Amiibo Test: Preliminary Phase

State of Smash 9-5

State of Smash 8-15

State of Smash 7-18

State of Smash: 4 Little Things that Matter

State of Smash 2-14-2013

4 Things about Nintendo

State of Smash: 1 -3 -2014

Lessons for Capcom: Sengoku Basara

State of Smash Update 10-2-2013

State of the Smash: 9-30-2013

Post Mortem: Xbox One DRM

State of the Smash: E3 2013

Xbox One is Xboned; or How I Grew Up and Learned to love Consumer Activism

Thoughts and Predictions on Generation 8

4 Games for Earth Day!

Feeble Defense of ‘Always Online’

5/5 Street Fighter Characters We Need More/Less of

Top 5 Games I Can’t Play (with ones I can)

Super Smash Brothers Wii U Predictions Part 1

Super Smash Brothers Wii U Predictions Part 2

Top 10 Opening Sequences


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