Rumor Mill: Street Fighter 5 setting

To much fanfare for some, and chagrin of others, Capcom announced Street Fighter 5 in development for PS4 and PC last week.  It was an interesting set of trailers that launched, giving us just a glimpse of what the new Street Fighter may have in store.

While Maximilian breaks down some of the mechanics, I’m much more fascinated by the story and character possibilities this brings.  So then, from a story perspective what do we know about this?

Denjin Hadouken


While Capcom hasn’t stated anything specifically about the story in Street Fighter 3, we already know quite a bit by Ryu calling out “Denjin” near the end of the trailer.  The Denjin Hadouken is a move Ryu first used in Street Fighter 3, and is also an attack Gouken used in Street Fighter 4.   One may recall Street Fighter 4’s story was supposed to be a bridge between Street Fighter 2 and 3.  Thus, Ryu likely learned this technique from Gouken.

The other possible reference is the stage, which appears to be in a neon-lit China street and diner (which Chun Li knocks Ryu into).  While Chun Li is known for being Chinese, Chinese neon signs are typical of Yun and Yang, the Hong Kong twins who are both Street Fighter 3 characters as well (credit to on that one).

This still only verifies one of two potential scenarios:

5 takes place between 4 and 3

This scenario would add to the confusion of inbetwe-quals, but it would make some sense.  Very few of the endings in Street Fighter 4 really resolved anything, or set up a state from which Gil and Urien (the main villians from 3) would be setup and established.  Some characters from 3 show up, and some events of 3 are alluded to, but none of them really come to fruition in Street Fighter 4.

Thusly, another game taking place between these two would smooth the transition more.  Street Fighter 2 veterans could return to finally pass the torch to the variety of characters in the Street Fighter 3series, as well as offer closure to those characters.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t really lend any further evidence for or against this.

5 takes place after 3


Street Fighter 5 taking place after Street Fighter 3 could mean just about anything.  By placing it after those events, the developers would be far less constrained by the time frame it takes place in.  This setting would allow for more Street Fighter 3 characters, and grants more opportunities for new fighters.  The drawback could be the threads from Street Fighter 4 likely would not be directly addressed, and the game may be missing several classic characters.

In other words, under these conditions Street Fighter 5’s cast would be similar to Mortal Kombat X’s cast — a few familiar characters interspersed between the brand new ones.  Killer Instinct for the Xbox One had a similar strategy as well.  For Capcom, it makes some sense to try and match their competition at this point.

Oddly enough, I believe the trailer supports this though.  The trailer and teaser only showed off two characters — Ryu and Chun Li.  Now, it’s obvious that these were the only two characters close enough to finished to show off because it’s likely a very early build.  Ryu being close to finished makes sense, since he plays very similarly from one game to the next.  It’s the other character that is far more telling however…

Chun Li was in the trailer and shown off.  However, if Ryu is finished enough to use in a trailer, wouldn’t Ken be just as close to finished as well?  Why finish Chun Li first? Chun Li offers more visual variety for the trailer perhaps, but that can’t be the only reason.  I propose that this indicates that either Ken is being heavily reworked to something resembling the changes made in the upcoming Omega version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 (where he has fireball kicks), or is not in the cast of 5 at all — replaced instead by Sean.

In the case of Omega version Ken, taking place after 3 makes more sense, since Ken still relied on his traditional moveset in that game, and didn’t feature kicks as prominently as the SF4 Omega version will.  In case of being replaced by Sean, taking place after 3 makes more sense, as Ken’s story is very well resolved by Street Fighter 3 Third Strike — having his hands full training Sean and raising Mel.  While losing Ken in this installment would be a disappointment, I believe it’s a proper sacrifice if it allows for greater variety in the cast.


But that’s just a few thoughts about the upcoming Street Fighter 5.  Are you excited, or are you going to wait til the inevitable Hyper Mega-Fighting edition?  What Street Fighter character do you want to see in Street Fighter 5?


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3 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Street Fighter 5 setting

  1. […] spoke briefly on the setting of Street Fighter V before, but Charlie’s reveal makes it far more likely to be a sequel to Street Fighter 4 and a […]

  2. cormacmacart June 12, 2015 at 6:00 pm Reply

    Wait a minute…if V takes place after III, how does M. Bison fit into the mix? Wasn’t Shadowloo destroyed after IV? Oh well, whatever. I guess it could be an easy explanation. Iirc, hes still alive after the events of 4, so he could have easily been hiding underground during III. Also like his inspiration Yasunori Kato, M. Bison is just an undying demonic spirit who can come back an infinite number of times in a new body (which looks suspiciously like his old body) if the plot demands it.

    • Nyuuron June 12, 2015 at 6:47 pm Reply

      That’s why I think it’s somewhere between Street Fighter 4 and 3 (with 3 new generation through thrid strike being last in the timeline).
      One of the endings in Super 4 implies that Bison reclaims the psycho power from Rose at the end. This could explain how he’s still around, and able to reflect projectiles now. This could also explain the white hair — absorbing the good portion of his soul back into himself means he may now have a conscience… Food for thought anyway.

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