Site updates 10-22

I’ve been slacking behind on the organization of the site lately.  Today, I have updated all the pages to more accurately reflect articles available now.

In terms of future projects, I have cut my losses on a few, as time commitment is becoming an issue.

Unlock Run: Subspace Emissary – We’re not quite done as there are 3 characters that have not been unlocked.  I plan to edit and upload these when time permits.

Back to the Sewers – Although it’s taking longer than I anticipated, I like the direction it’s going.  This series will continue this week, concluding in November.

Amiibo Test – Amiibo test is still underway, though going much slower than I had hoped.  Will work hard to bring this to you before Smash Brothers WiiU launches November 21st.

Hyrule Warriors Impressions – I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but other projects have interrupted.  Since Warriors games are a significant part of this site, it feels natural to talk about it.

Top Warriors – inspired by Josh Scorcher’s recent list, I’m revamping my original idea for this, and will be working on this over the holiday this year.


I have a few other ideas stewing as well, but will require a larger time investment.  Let me know if any of these interests you, and I’ll be sure to try and get them up.

Smashing with Q – I still have Brawl Online footage that hasn’t been used yet, but any dialog would have to be editted in post.  It’s also possible we will do some matches when Smash for WiiU launches.

Let’s Play Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper – I received a copy of this as a gift, so I intended to do a Let’s Play of it since that will allow me to talk about the various characters without doing a full Musou Missives episode.  This will likely require a large amount of time, so I may have to put this on hold unless there is a significant amount of interest for it.

Let’s Play TMNT (2007) –  Found a copy of this when we were in the heat of doing Let’s Plays.  Still interested in playing it, but may require some effort to complete. far less effort though than the Warriors Orochi 3 playthrough, as this game is significantly shorter.

Things tend to backup the closer we get to the holiday season, but I will attempt to get as much content as I can through the end of the year.

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