State of Smash 8-15-14

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard a whole lot about Smash, but this week Sakurai got me something for my Birthday…


Apparently he thought I was a Meta-Knight fan.  Still, I’ll take it anyway.  So, Meta-Knight’s back.  He comments that Meta-Knight’s up special has been changed too, mostly due to the lack of the glide mechanic in this version — so Meta-Knight’s been nerfed?  Maybe slightly, we’ll have to see him in action to judge for ourselves.

images (1)

We also got some good details on Classic mode, which will feature branching paths and an intensity gauge that will allow you to increase the difficultly of challenges for greater reward.  Some of those rewards include trophies, of course, but also custom parts and equipment for your characters.  The branching paths I can get behind, as that will give me more excuses to play Classic mode over and over; however, I’m not sold on the intensity gauge yet unless I’m just itching for a challenge.

Meanwhile, we’re less than a month away from the Japanese release, and about a month and a half from the worldwide release.  It’s crunch time.  Will we see more revels as the game draws ever closer?  Will there be another trailer?  Will I be able to finish my Unlock Run before the 3DS game comes out?  Let’s hope so…

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