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State of Smash 2-14-14

I apologize for the lack of updates, but increased responsibility at work coupled with some kind of plague has left me out of energy lately.  Now that I’m starting to feel better I can start to work on some new content.

So, let’s get a little caught up.  Apparently, February is the month of Fighters as two were added to the cast.



The first is the fighting/steel type pokemon Lucario making his triumphant return.  While I didn’t call that in my predictions before, I’m not disappointed by any stretch.  I believe some were thinking Mewtwo would be making a comeback to take Lucario’s slot away also, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The Pokemon entrants have been very early generation heavy in Smash Brothers so it’s good to see the Generation 4 pokemon back in action anyway.

Since it was mostly screenshots on his reveal, we don’t have any information on any changes just yet.  Will we be seeing Mega Lucario?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Little Mac

Last night’s Nintendo Direct opened right with the reveal of Little Mac being added to the cast.  This is one I called correctly, and am glad to see it happen.  Little Mac isn’t necessarily one of my favorite Nintendo characters, but he is a classic that deserves some recognition.  Especially considering his comeback on the Wii recently.

It gets more interesting, however, as much like Rosalina and MegaMan, Mac has a very unique trait that other members of the Smash crew do not have — a power bar.  The trailer shows it briefly, but it apparently can be built up to the point of delivering a huge devastating blow to multiple opponents.  How the meter is built up though is left vague.

What’s probably more interesting is Mac seems to have a charging punch move that goes through a number of characters attacks, including Link’s spin attack on the ground, which he can then combo off of.  This, in combination with his KO meter, makes Little Mac look like an awesome and powerful character.  We’ll have to stay tuned to see just how well Mac plays out.

That about covers it for now.  Stay tuned as we’ll be having more action coming soon!