State of Smash: 1 -3 -2014

Welcome to the New Year!  My first order of business is getting caught up on the Smash Brothers News again.  While they did reveal a few interesting assist trophies, I’ll be focusing more on the playable characters they revealed since my last installment.


He was added in November, and is not really a surprise.  The man that brought the Fire Emblem series to the West through Melee has every right to remain in the cast.  Add to that the fact he has always been a well balanced and strong character in the games as well, and he’s pretty much the perfect contender.  Not really much else to say really;  a great character and it’s good to see him in the cast again.


After probably the biggest tease at the beginning of the trailer, we finally see the other, other Mario princess confirmed as a playable character.  I’ll admit, while I’m not specifically drawn to the Mario Galaxy series, Rosalina always struck a cord with me for some reason.  She’s easily the most interesting addition to the Mario cast since Super Mario RPG, and in some ways pays homage to it (being from outside of Mario’s world, and Geno’s true form can be easily construed as a Luma).

Her fighting style looks incredibly complex, with her having to coordinate with her attacks alongside her Luma compatriot.  It also changes color, indicating that it has different modes of attack somehow.  I am very intrigued and perhaps for the first time excited about for this title now.


Lastly, Nintendo revealed screen shots for another Nintendo princess — Zelda.  Unlike many of the screens we’ve gotten in the past though, these are much more coy about her abilities — in particular the absence of her sheik form.  It makes me wonder if they actually have some changes in the works, or if the Smash team is just teasing everyone again (hint: it’s most likely the latter).  Still, it’s good to see her back as well, changes or not.

We’ll have to see if Nintendo can maintain that momentum as we close in on the game’s launch sometime this year.


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