Rumor Mill: Pokemon Fighters

While re-evaluating my content, I’ve noticed I have a tendency to post at length about topics that are mostly speculation and hearsay.  Therefore, I decided to add a new category of articles I’m calling — the Rumor Mill.

So, since Pokemon X and Y are coming up, it feels natural to talk about Pokemon.  However, since Nintendo is being very tight lipped about it’s newest installment, let’s talk something a little more tangential to it, and something that pertains more to this site’s more traditional material.

Above is Jwittz speculating on a few seconds clip of an upcoming Pokemon Wii U title, which appears to be a Pokemon fighting game — specifically a possible Pokemon fighting tournament.  Alright I’m game… let’s list off the top 10 Fighting Pokemon to be included in Pokemon Fighting Tournament U (title pending).

Rules for Speculation:

1) I am limiting this list to Pokemon that are Fighting type.  They can be Fighting-hybrid types, but one type must be Fighting.

2) One Pokemon per evolution line.  In other words, of the Tepig -> Pignite -> Emboar line, only one can be included in this list (even though Tepig is Fire only, but you get the idea).

3) Blaziken and Lucario are not included in this list, mostly because the clip we saw more or less confirms them (and as per rule #2, this rules out Riolu, Combusken, and possible Mega-evolutions of them as well).

Top Ten

10) Meloetta

download (9)

Meloetta only makes the bottom of the list because it’s questionable whether or not it counts as a fighting type.  Meloetta has two types dependent upon which Forme it is using — normal/psychic in aria forme, and normal/fighting in pirouette forme.  I think it should be included in such a game though, since it’s ability to switch types could be translated to switching playstyles mid-fight.  This would make for a very interesting and very technical fighter.

9) Heracross

download (8)

The big blue beetle from Generation II was a serious boon with the advent of Steel and Dark types.  Heracross is the only Fighting type with an exoskeleton, and has a massive horn which he can use to spear opponents.  Granted he gets torn apart by Psychic types, but in a Fighting tournament, you have to have a crazy weird contender of some kind, and Hercross fits that just fine.

8) Machamp

download (7)

This is one of the Pokemon I think everyone thinks of when they think of fighting Pokemon.  For old school Pokemon fans, Machop was one of the earliest Pokemon you could catch, so it only makes sense that his line be included.  Aside from that, Machamp would be a really interesting dynamic, being one of the few humanoid Pokemon with more than four limbs.  I can see him be either extremely challenging, or extremely broken.  Either way, he’s worth seeing more of in this arena.

7) Mienshao

download (6)

Mienshao is rather unique among fighting type Pokemon.  While most are big and bulky, Mienshao is thin, giving an air of sleek agility, as opposed to the raw power most Fighting Pokemon exhibit.  Also, since it’s long furry arms can be used as whips, this would give Mienshao a very interesting ranged game that not many fighting types could emulate.

6) Scrafty

download (5)

If my previous posts are anything to go by, I have a thing for dark-type pokemon — so naturally the only Dark-Fighting hybrid has to make this list.  Despite that, he has a devil-may-care attitude that hangs around him that makes him seem like a really interesting addition to any kind of roster.  His unique type combination would also give him access to interesting abilities to use in a fighting game, such as Payback.

5) Keldeo

download (4)

Keldeo makes this list, mostly due to popularity.  For whatever reason the unicorn Pokemon is incredibly popular in Pokemon circles.  Regardless, however, a four-legged competitor in a fighting tournament certainly creates for a more diverse cast.  Add the fact that Keldeo is one of the few Water-Fighting hybrids and we have one heck of an interesting combatant.

4) Galade

download (3)

Similar to Scrafty, Galade’s unique type combination, Psychic-Fighting, makes him good fodder for this type of game.  From a stylistic point of view, he isn’t treading any ground creatures like Mienshao don’t already.  However, unlike many of the others on the list so far, Galade has a unique attack that breaks him away from the pack — Psycut.  A physical Psychic attack so unique to him that one simply can’t help but let him compete.

3) Hariyama

download (2)

What can beat a unique attack? How about two?  Hariyama wasn’t one of the strongest Pokemon ever created, but he is one of the most interesting.  A Pokemon based on sumo-wrestling, Hariyama possesses the abilities Smelling Salt, and Arm Thrust, directly referencing the pastime for which he is based.  For anyone remotely familiar with Japanese culture, it would be an incredible surprise if this Pokemon was passed up in an all Fighting-type tournament.

2) Terrakion, Cobalion, and Verizion

download (1)

Okay so I’m cheating a little on this one, but there’s a reason.  These three Pokemon are all fighting sub-type Pokemon, and are referred to as the Swords of Justice.  They are all four-legged combatants of uniquely interesting types (Rock, Steel, and Grass respectively).  They also use the unique attack Sacred Sword, which cuts through enemies’ defenses and evasiveness.

Every fighting game needs some strong mini-boss types to go against, and these three are the cream of the crop.  With a move as devastating as Sacred Sword, it’s hard to imagine what could be scarier to face down.

1) Mega Mewtwo X


In the weirdest move in Pokemon history, the legendary Mewtwo was given not one, but two evolutions.  Mega Mewtwo X becomes a Psychic – Fighting type, allowing him to beef up.  This evolution makes a fairly intimidating pokemon just a smidgen more intimidating.

Nevertheless, this look is perfect for the inevitable ‘Final Boss’ character this game would need — the “M.Bison” if you will of Pokemon.  In fact, Mewtwo fits that description perfectly.  Massively powerful, a storied history, and intimidating presence made far more so by an unique and mysterious force.  It’s the kind of thing boss characters are designed around, and the type of boss I would expect in a game like this.

So, what do you think?  What Fighting type Pokemon would you add to an all Fighting-type roster?  Who would you leave out?  Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon is own by Nintendo, whom I have no affiliation with.  All topics discussed in Rumor Mill are speculatory and should not be taken as fact.

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3 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Pokemon Fighters

  1. Dragoncorn October 4, 2013 at 9:31 am Reply

    I love this guy! He always gives you solid info and proof behind the things he says, Pokemon is definitely his forte! Thanks for the video, I really liked it!

  2. KayteaQ October 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm Reply

    This idea reminds me of Digimon Rumble Arena (in particular, the second for the PS2). The idea for the gameplay wasn’t too bad, but the awkward controls made it less enjoyable. I liked collecting spheres and being able to evolve mid-battle – I wonder if this potential game would have similar features.

    • Nyuuron October 4, 2013 at 4:37 pm Reply

      Not sure on that. i’m not terribly familiar with the Digimon games at all. Although with the advent of mega-evolutions anything is possible.

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