State of Smash 9-30-2013

I haven’t put forth as many Smash Brothers posts as I initially thought I would, so I figure now’s as good a time as any to get caught up on the announcements since E3.

Olimar and Pikmin

images (3)

I wasn’t terribly surprised by this one.  While Pikmin 3 does introduce new protagonists to the franchise, I doubted they would work them into a playable character very quickly.  Olimar had a pretty big tournament run once Meta-Knight was banned, so again, no real surprise he’s back.  Overall, while I don’t particular like playing as Olimar, he’s unique and interesting enough to keep his place on the roster, so no problems here.


images (2)

Again, not really surprised.  Peach is one of the few female characters Nintendo has to go with right now, so allowing her to be cut, particularly in this day in age would be a travesty.  From the screens we have so far, there don’t appear to be any major changes to her character — which is fine, as she was a pretty well rounded fighter to begin with.

Toon Link

images (1)

Okay so Toon Link is back.  I guess because of the HD rerelease he gets a pass this time.  I’m rather disappointed by this decision — not because Toon Link is a bad character (he’s one of the better ones in Brawl), but rather because it looks like it’s the clone wars again in these installments.  Despite my previous posts about characters who are unlikely to appear, I really would like Nintendo to prove me wrong and break out of the norm for once.  Toon Link is evidence that we’re in for more of the same again.  I would welcome Toon Link coming in with a new moveset using abilities from Wind Waker, but his picture with the bow makes me think that won’t be happening.

So things aren’t looking great for the Big N’s big fighting title at this point.  The next announcements will have to blow my socks off to keep my attention.


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