Goe-fact: Goemon against Sega?

Did you know?  Goemon is one of several franchises that never appeared on the Sega Genesis, or any other Sega system for that matter.  He has, however, appeared on the Xbox 360 with a re-release of Mr.Goemon in a Konami collection on Xbox Live.

Considering Goemon’s hey-day was in and around the Sega Master System/Genesis era, its unclear as to why.  Konami did not appear to have any exclusivity deals with Nintendo, as they did make Genesis games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist, Tiny Toon Adventures:ACME All-Stars, and Rocket Knight Adventures.  However, it may be that Konami preferred development and publishing on the Super Nintendo.  While the original Rocket Knight was exclusive to the Genesis, Rocket Knight 2 was eventually ported to the Super Nintendo, under the name Sparkster.


Goemon isn’t alone in this distinction.  For instance, the Megaman franchise remained almost exclusively on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo, save one instance — a game called Megaman – Wily Wars on Sega’s download service ‘Sega Channel’.  Also, the Final Fantasy series, even after Square broke away from Nintendo, remained exclusively on Playstation and Nintendo systems.  Final Fantasy did not go fully multi-platform until the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 era, long after Sega had gotten out of the hardware business.

Food for thought anyway.  Stay tuned, as we wrap up Goemonth with Super Smash Step-Brothers!


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