Goe-facts: Goemon the Anime

Did you know?  Konami’s Goemon appeared in his own anime, titled Ganbare Goemon (the English dub uses the title Legend of the Mystical Ninja).

Out of your TV, and into your living room!

Before anyone rushes off to Ebay to hunt it down, be aware the show isn’t very good.  Goemon and friends are brought into the real world from the game world to fight off evil forces that are trying to take over real world Tokyo.  It’s you’re typical “monster-of-the-day” show, similar to Super Sentai or Power Rangers, having the heroes face a challenge, and culminating in a giant robot fight.

It suffers from a terrible sense of tone, however.  Goemon and friends mostly hang out with kids and engage in pretty tame battle sequences, and the overall setup works well for a kids’ show.  However, the villain, Seppukumaru, is obsessed with committing ritual suicide, particularly after his defeat.  This is treated as a joke, as the character is thwarted from performing seppuku in various ridiculous manners.  While certainly absurd, it’s a very touchy subject to bring up in what is seems to be a light-hearted series.  The other problem is that the team’s mentor, Wise Old Man, exploits Sasuke’s short stature, and has him take up-skirt pictures of women during the episodes.  Again, not exactly an idea that seems to fit with the basic premise.

Even as a Goemon fan, I had trouble just staying awake through the first few episodes, and wasn’t thrilled with the rest.  Only highly dedicated collectors should seek it out.

Speaking of dedication, be sure to stay tuned for more Goe-facts as Goemonth continues.

For a second opinion and more information, check out The Cajun Samurai’s Review http://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/a-review-of-ganbare-goemon-legend-of-the-mystical-ninja-nintendo-ninjas-in-nihon/


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One thought on “Goe-facts: Goemon the Anime

  1. The Cajun Samurai July 17, 2013 at 8:49 pm Reply

    Hey, thanks so much for the link back! I really appreciate it man! I admit, I have ZERO experience with any of the Goemon video games, but when it comes to the anime, I found that I was still able to enjoy it even without prior-knowledge of the “Mystical Ninja” series.

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