Introducing Goemonth! A month of Goemon!

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This month we will be having a theme month dedicated to the Mystical Ninja himself, Goemon!

Both Big in Japan and Super Smash Step Brothers will be discussing Goemon of the Ganbare Goemon and Mystical Ninja games this month.  Also, Musou Missives will be featuring Goemon Ishikawa from Warriors Orochi 3 for analysis as well.

We’ll still be posting on other topics as they come (including a look at Dynasty Warriors 8 no doubt), but Geomon will be the ‘Word of the Day’ around here.  So, stay tuned as we kick off Goemonth with a bang!

Also, be sure to vote on our Musou Missives poll, winner will be picked in September!


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One thought on “Introducing Goemonth! A month of Goemon!

  1. […] Stay tuned for more Goemon facts, and be sure to check out Big in Japan starring Goemon next week as we celebrate Goemonth! […]

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