Musou Missives: Poll

I have decided to go ahead and continue the Musou Missives series, as I still have plenty of things I want to discuss.  Warriors Orochi 3 has over 120 characters to discuss, so it’s not as though I will ever run out of things to talk about.  However, while there’s still plenty of characters I want to talk about, I’m sure there are plenty of characters you readers would like me to talk about too.

So, for your convenience I present the Musou Missives poll.  The poll holds a number of characters I plan to talk about, as well as a couple of suggestions.  Highest voted character gets to be in the October edition of Musou Missives.  I will tally the votes in September to give me time to get some good information to present.  Also, if you want to see a particular character that isn’t listed, post a comment so I can put on them on future polls.

The Candidates for your approval are:

Wang Yi – the True Woman of the Three Kingdoms

Zhuge Liang – the Sleeping Dragon

Gan Ning – the Jingling Typhoon

Ayane – the High School Assassin

Tadakatsu Honda – Supreme Warrior of the Warring States

Masamune Date – the One-Eyed Dragon

Please Vote Below, and stay tuned for more Musou Action!

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5 thoughts on “Musou Missives: Poll

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