Super Smash Step-Brothers Taking Requests

For those who missed the announcement in the last Super Smash Step-Brothers, I am taking requests for the next character to be featured in the series.  Leave a comment on any of the current articles, such as Geno or Knuckles, or post a comment here requesting the character you think deserves the recognition of SSS-B.

The only rules are it has to be a video game character, and I reserve the right to choose from those suggested.  In other words, this is Nintendo style; I’ll hear the suggestions but popularity may or may not play any factor in the final choice.  Oh, and it cannot be a character featured on my predictions list, you can find those filed under Smash Brothers, on the other articles page, or go here and here.

So, let’s hear it!  Who do you want to see in Super Smash Step-Brothers?


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