Smash Brothers Cast Revealed, Predictions List Dead Wrong

So, several months ago, I posted my own predictions list for Smash Brothers.  The list was presuming that Nintendo and designer Sakurai’s methodology for the next Smash Brothers game would be similar to the first two installments.  Well, Nintendo revealed early this morning a trailer showing off a number of it’s cast members — nearly all of which I did not call and blew me away, so it’s only natural I talk about it.

The Nintendo cast is full of favorites.  While I was right about Little Mac, Matthew, and Prince Fluff, Toad became a singular character and did not reference the New Mario Brothers games at all.  Fire Emblem retains Marth and Ike, but adds Chrom as well as his adversary Validar to the cast. Saki from Sin and Punishment comes to the fray, as well as Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series.  I was surprised to see other old school Nintendo characters back in the mix too, such as Balloon Fighter or Mach Rider.  Krystal from Star Fox rounded out the female cast.

The biggest surprise is the number of third party characters introduced in this installment.  Apparently, Nintendo decided to try and out do Sony’s Playstation All-Stars title, and let a number of third party characters on board.  Namco, who are working on the game themselves, placed their old mascot Pac-Man front and center, but added Jin Kazama to the fray as well.  Konami is back in action with Solid Snake, but also his rival Grey Fox.  Fan favorite MegaMan makes his inevitable debut to the series, as well as Ryu from Capcom.  Sega pulled no punches with Sonic returning with his faithful companion Tails, and Bayonetta fitting into the assorted cast nicely.  Square Enix was also on board, allowing Nintendo access to Geno from Mario RPG, but also added Sora and even Cloud Strife.

I was taken aback by these choices for cast members, but was even more surprised as they revealed the 3DS and WiiU versions were actually the same game.  What’s more, 3DS players could play against WiiU players and vice-versa, and data could be synced between the two systems, showing technology we had yet to see fully in either system.  This was, as Iwata said, to allow you to continue playing and practicing smash even while on the go.

The system has also been reworked significantly as well.  While you could adjust things tremendously within Smash before, you can now turn off certain stage elements.  The example they gave was turning off the water and giant fish in the Ice Climbers stage from the previous installment.  Stock with a time limit appeared in the gameplay that was shown, seeming to indicate it being the standard play mode.  This seems to be a good sign for the tournament community for this game.

The end of the video pictures the cast we saw already, with at least a dozen other figures behind them in black silhouettes.  Could these be more characters they plan to add or DLC?  We’re not sure.  Also, production seems to be well ahead of what Sakurai had suggested, with a big golden 2014 placed overtop.

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised that so much could come together, and so quickly.  While there’s still a lot we don’t know about the title still, I think this will appease gaming fans all over.  There’s no doubting it now.  The next Smash Brothers is a must buy not just for Nintendo fans, but any gamer now!

I do not own any of the series or characters mentioned here.  I have also prepared my flame-shield.  If you don’t know why, check your calendar. 

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