Musou Missives Episode 4: Kaguya

The final stop on our first trip through the world of Orochi is with Kaguya. Unlike all the other characters we’ve spoken of in Musou Missives, Kaguya is listed as one of the “Other” characters in the series.  In Warriors Orochi 3, Other can refer to one of the following possible origins:  a character unaligned in Dynaster Warriors, a guest character from another TecmoKoei franchise, or an original character based on Chinese/Japanse folklore.  Kaguya is the last of these options, and originates from one of the oldest tales in Japanese folklore. She is a moon princess born from a bamboo stump. While there are many versions of this tale, likely due to several centuries of retelling, Sesame Street provides a simplified version here:

In terms of the Warriors Orochi 3, Kaguya serves as the main plot device. While she retains her fabled powers to control bamboo, she also has limited control of time and space. Though not quite a Time Lord, she can send people back in time to change events in history that affect the present and future.  However, her powers are limited to the memory of those traveling through time — in other words, she can’t just send someone back to save Lu Bu if they don’t know what happened to him. This creates tension in the story, and and makes the task of saving the future by changing the past a bit more tedious than it might initially sound. Due to the time manipulation that Orochi used to create this world in the first place, her powers may also have an unfortunate side-effect.

Kaguya comes from a very ancient Japanese folk-tale, so her design and personality are presumably based on that. She wears very traditional Japanese dress, and is very meek and soft spoken. Don’t let her demeanor fool you, however, as her sacred sakaki and mirrors can be devastating. So without further ado, we move to a greater analysis of the moon princess.


Character Class

Kaguya is the first Technique character introduced to the player in Warriors Orochi 3. Technique has meant a good number of things over the course of the Orochi series, and Orochi 3 gives it another meaning as well. In Orochi 3, Technique characters have two abilities, as follows: the ability to sidestep while guarding, and the ability to increase the damage dealt to opponents who are airborne or in a juggle state. While the former is a nice defensive option for Kaguya, I find that the later is the linchpin and guiding principle when it comes to Kaguya’s moveset.

Again, I will be abbreviating her standard combos as I did with previous installments. That being said, however, Kaguya’s combo chains are similar to Hanbei Takenaka, who we discussed before — Kaguya lacks a charge 6 attack, but is able to extend all of her other combos further than the Dynasty Warriors. Unlike Hanbei, however, they all stick to a pretty consistent theme.

Getting right down to it, Kaguya’s charge attacks are all based around shining beams of light off her mirrors to do damage, and typically leave enemies in a juggle state for her to pick up in a follow-up combo. Her charge 1 and charge 2 attacks, are two of the more difficult chains to pull off due to not covering her from the sides or behind well, but tend to knock a few enemies in front of Kaguya upward. Kaguya’s charge 3 deals damage around her, and then lifts any enemies around her upward. Her charge 5 combo calls upon her birthright, and makes a small bamboo forest grow from underneath her opponents. Only her normal combo and charge 4 combos knock enemies away, and even then, her charge 4 combo still leaves them in a juggle state.

While we will be getting to this a bit later as well, the fact that so many of her combos leave enemies falling from the sky helps with pulling off switch combos as well, as Kaguya’s partners are more easily able to pick up falling enemies and continue the combo. This also makes her a delight to use with other technique characters, since they too deal extra damage to enemies they juggle. All of her combos are able to be switch canceled as well, making her very adaptable in most team setups.

Musou and Special Attack

Kaguya is blessed and cursed when it comes to her Musou and special attack attack respectively. Much like Hanbei, she goes into a Musou mode when pressing the Musou button. Holding the button however, is much more preferable as Kaguya will fire a long series of light beams from her mirrors. This creates a dangerous and often fatal juggle loop that brings even officers down in record time. She can also be rotated while this attack is going, allowing her to pick up additional targets mid-attack if need be. She can be rotated, but she otherwise remains stationary during the attack though; therefore, she won’t be able to pick up any enemies that manage to stay out of her range. Despite this, Kaguya’s Musou attack comes easily in the top ten of most devastating Musou attacks in the game. And in a game featuring over 120 characters, that’s saying a lot.

Comparatively, however, her special attack is lackluster. The attack summons lights all around Kaguya, and then they spin around her as she leaps upward. This puts Kaguya airborne for a possible aerial charge attack follow-up. It also lifts any opponents caught in the attack upward, which sets up nicely for a juggle. This would seem like a perfect opportunity to switch cancel into another character to continue a juggle, but this is one of the only moves Kaguya can’t switch cancel out of. Thus, her special attack, which is still a great addition to her repertoire, should be used sparingly in order to save meter for her Musou attack.

Weapon Fusion Recommendations

Kaguya is very specialized, so there are some particular weapon fusion abilities to keep in mind for Kaguya. The first is Flak, which increases damage to airborne enemies. Since Kaguya’s central theme is lifting enemies off the ground, this fits her style perfectly. While I’ve said in the past that Agility is an ability that nearly all the cast benefit from, Kaguya is the first I would almost say requires it. While certain chains, such as charge 3 and 4, come out fairly quickly, her other combos suffer from slow start up at times. Particularly while leveling her, Kaguya needs the extra speed that Agility grants.

If playing Kaguya as a Musou heavy character, choosing Destruction and Osmosis is greatly beneficial. If playing her as a more combo heavy character, Might and Brawn are better options.

Of the four elemental abilities, I would not recommend Ice or Lightning, as both could potentially interrupt a juggle setup. Instead, I would prefer Fire for Kaguya for the periodic damage afterward, or possibly Wind to help against more defensive opponents.

Officer Ability and Team Recommendations

Kaguya has an ability we have seen on Musou Missives before in one of my recommended teams, but not as our primary character yet. Trinity is an ability that builds Triple Team attack gauge every 100 KO’s. The Team Triple Attack gauge builds faster the more hits in a combo, thus sometimes referred to as a combo guage. Once the guage is full, it allows the player to summon the entire team to the field for an attack. Time slows down as well, allowing them to combo any and every enemy on the field. At the end of the attack, the affected enemies are gathered together to deliver a final blow. The attack is frequently as devastating as a well placed Musou, and at times more so. However, since Trinity is the only ability that directly affects this meter, building a team around it requires looking into characters that can build meter or KOs very quickly, while still working well with Kaguya.

Jiang Wei and Zhong Hui
The team that tried to change the fate of China at the last moment teams up with the moon princess in this scenario. Building on my knowledge from the last installment, this team takes advantage of Jiang Wei’s Fellowship ability, by having a team that can easily swap into each other. To be fair, however, going from Jiang Wei to Kaguya to Zhong Hui is the most ideal scenario for this team, as Zhong Hui doesn’t really chain well from anything but his charge 5 and EX attack. Zhong Hui, however, has not only the Technique officer ability that increases the stats of the entire team in this case, but also can build Triple Team Attack meter incredibly fast with his multiple sword attacks. Zhong Hui’s attack chains are at times difficult to manage, so Jiang Wei’s simpler play style and Kaguya’s specialized style make this a good team to learn on, as well as a good team further into the game as well.

Ginchiyo Tachibana and Gracia
I discussed the major issue with Ginchiyo Tachibana’s swap attack in a previous episode, but while researching for this article, I finally found a team that works well with it. Both Gracia and Kaguya have good setups for Ginchiyo’s incoming attack, which can hit enemies while they are floating down from a lifting attack. Ginchiyo being a technique character as well, allows her to take advantage of Kaguya’s multitude of lifting attacks. Ginchiyo’s Impact ability in return grants the team quicker access to Musou — something Kaguya should be able to take advantage of. Gracia’s officer ability, Fortune, will not help much once the characters have been maxed out, or already have their best weapons, but her moveset chains into either Kaguya or Ginchiyo so well that it’s difficult to find a more suitable replacement; never mind the fact that Gracia is a reasonably powerful character in her own right as well.

Zhou Yu and Wei Yan
Probably the oddest combination yet, but works incredibly well under the right conditions. Zhou Yu has a number of good setups for Kaguya, including his powerful EX attack. His other attacks chain very well into Wei Yan, as do Kaguya’s attacks. Wei Yan’s dash, switch cancel attack, and charge 5 are the only moves that set up well for the rest of his team; however, these attacks do multiple hits on enemies that helps build Team Attack meter like crazy. This is one of the few teams that can perform an incredibly long if not infinite combo if all cancels are timed correctly.  Their officer abilities also make the team well balanced and easy to use.  Zhou Yu’s Focus increases their Musou gauge, thus allowing Kaguya to deal more damage from her Musou attack.  Wei Yan’s Vitality ability increases the team’s overall health, something the frail Zhou Yu and Kaguya can take advantage of.  Overall, this is probably the most well-balanced, and most devastating combination I’ve found for Kaguya thus far.

It’s difficult to believe, but Kaguya’s meek and simple attitude does not reflect the significance this character has.  She can setup nearly anyone for a good juggle combo, but a proper team arrangement makes those combos not just powerful, but fatal.  Choosing to use her as an officer killer using her Musou makes everything far easier.  Her only major flaw is the speed of her attacks and her below average defense, and both of these become moot when you see what this character can do in the right setup.

While Sima Zhao had plenty going for him, and Ma Chao and Hanbei Takenaka had their moments, Kaguya is a step above our main protagonists in the game.  Thus, our first trip through Orochi 3 ends with the highest tier character you can have to start off with.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Disagree with my assessment or have a suggestion?  Let me know in the comments below.

Musou Missives will be taking a break while we pursue other topics for a little while.  Let me know if you want to see more of this series, and what characters or topics you want to cover.  In the meantime, I’m not quite done talking about Smash Brothers yet…

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