Super Smash Brothers Wii U Predictions Part 2

To start, congratulations are in order. This past few weeks the fighting game community raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for breast cancer research. The donations were given toward determining the 8th game at the worldwide fighting game tournament, EVO 2013. The winner, was Smash Brothers Melee. Congrats to Melee, and kudos to all who participated.

In celebration, I decided to finish up my thoughts on the next Smash Brothers entry.

So, while writing for my list, a statement from Sakurai surfaced that we may not see as many new characters in this go around as there were in Brawl. I don’t put a lot of stock in this, as my prediction list still keeps the roster about the same size as Brawl thus far. However, if I were to ere on the side of caution and say we may see more cuts to the roster, then we would need another cut list. Note, however, that I don’t feel as strongly about these cuts, so I don’t fully expect them to leave. If I were to cut anyone though, these would be the least fortunate of the existing cast.

Character Cuts:

Starfox has gotten little love from Nintendo lately. Aside from the 3DS remake, we have yet to see a new installment for the series. Plus, with the advent of alternate costumes, keeping Falco as a separate character makes less and less sense. Wolf provides a Moveset with more distinction from Fox’s while still feeling similar. There’s just not enough difference between Falco and Fox to warrant 3 entrants from the Starfox series.

This is an odd cut, since Lucario only shares moves with Mewtwo — even then they aren’t in the same installment. The reason, however, is that the Pokemon entrants tend to change with the times. Mewtwo was included in Melee in a large part due to the release of the first Pokemon movie. Mewtwo was dropped for Lucario in Brawl because Lucario was the more popular Pokemon at the time. I suspect this installment will see Lucario traded for a newer Pokemon as well.

So without further ado, the last of the Smash Brothers’ new challengers!

Character additions:

New Pokemon characters*
Okay I put an asterisk here, because I am not up enough on the current generation of Pokemon to be sure. However, I’m positive that we’ll be seeing two new characters on the character selection screen in some form or fashion. One will be the replacement for Pokemon Trainer. This could be a trainer with a new team of Pokemon, or a whole other character. A good option is the Hero from Pokemon Conquest, though that could require some license juggling to acquire. The other will either be a new incredibly popular Pokemon that fans want more of, ala Lucario/Mewtwo. If we’re going by the anime movies, it’ll probably be Victini’s turn at bat – since he plays an important role in the upcoming Pokemon movie(s). These are ones I’m least positive about though.

Micaiah from Fire Emblem
When it comes to additions to Smash Brothers from the Fire Emblem series, Micaiah is the perfect choice. Micaiah represents an aspect of Fire Emblem not really touched on much in the confines of the Smash Universe, that of magic and sorcery. Magic is fairly prevalent in the series, but few main characters wield it in the series. Micaiah is a good choice in this case, as she is not only a more recent main character in the franchise, but one that wields magic as well. Since most of the other recent Fire Emblem games were remakes (featuring Marth no less), I see no reason why Micaiah should be excluded. The only other main protagonist of Radiant Dawn was Sothe, and as far as I’m aware, there aren’t a lot of recurring villains in the series. I suppose they could make the Fire Emblem Awakening hero Chrom playable. However, he doesn’t add much diversity to their representation, so my money still stands on Micaiah.

Isa (or Saki) from Sin and Punishment
Now for the newest of newcomers. Sin and Punishment is an easy pick as an addition to the franchise, as their fate is somewhat tied to the last Smash Brothers. Saki appeared in Brawl as an assist trophy, which generated more interest in the series enough for it to be released in the west for the first time on the Virtual Console. That was enough of a success that the game ended up with a new entry to the series, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii. The odd success and cult following of series gives it plenty of reason to be included among Nintendo’s larger franchises. Isa is the most likely choice for this one, being the most recent protagonist in the series, though Saki is still a possibility. Likely one will have an alternate outfit of the other in any case.

Ridley from Metroid *
Metroid also is lacking in the recurring character department, which is why I put an asterisk on this addition. Metroid has been a very dominant force in the past two gaming generations for Nintendo, and really deserves more credit than it’s received thus far. Last Smash we got a new character (sort of) with the inclusion of a Zero-suit version of Samus, but I think the series is ready to go further with a whole additional slot on the character select screen. I chose Ridley, because last time I looked, he’s still the only recurring character in the series aside from Samus herself. It’s possible an “Other M” character could take his place, but having not played the game, I really can’t say who would fit appropriately.

One wild card character
This is the last entry, and it’s essentially my admittance that even my powers of deduction may be flawed. I fully anticipate that even if everything in both these installments was right, that there will still be one character I won’t anticipate. The Smash team has come up with some off the wall choices in the previous two incarnations (see Mr. Game & Watch and ROB the robot). So, I fully anticipate that they’ll pick at least one character I could not foresee in my wildest dreams, and likely anyone else’s.

The Score

(-) stands for removed character from the roster.
(+) stands for added character to the roster.
(?) stands for character standing to be determined.

– Lucas
– Toon Link
– Pokemon Trainer
– Snake
– Falco
– Lucario
? Sonic
+ Toads
+ Midna
+ Prince Fluff
+ Matthew
+ Little Mac
+ Pac-man
+ Pokemon Conquest Hero (or other)
+ Victini (or other)
+ Micaiah
+ Isa
+ Ridley (or other)
+ unknown addition

6 removals and 12 additions

total 41 available character slots

So that is my list of predictions. For better or worse, I’m glad to share this. I will still admit I could be wrong about everything on this list, but I still think I’ll have more hits than misses on this one.
Agree? Disagree? Have your own predictions? Post in the comments and let us know.

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5 thoughts on “Super Smash Brothers Wii U Predictions Part 2

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